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Career Self Efficacy Pre/Post Test

I created a pre/post test that could be used for a variety of career lessons:

  • career small groups 
  • classroom lessons: regular ed, special ed, freshman success, etc. 
  • career days, career fairs
  • individual counseling as students are needing some career direction

I love that this can be used with middle or high school students, and you can give the same test before and after you've done a lesson to see what they've learned! It aligns with the ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors Planning Tool, and you could incorporate it into any of your "already created" career lessons that you've got in your regular rotation! Pair it with my Career Building Blocks Game! 

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Tieks Review!

First things first: I am not being endorsed by Tieks shoes by any means (though I would welcome any signing bonuses, new pairs of shoes, or anything else they'd want to offer me). I just wanted to give an honest review for these shoes I've grown to love a lot!

As school counselors, we are on our feet a lot! It's normal to have a day where you hit your "step goal" by morning time. It's hard to find something comfortable yet lasting that will support your feet day in and day out!

I am tall, so I prefer to wear flats over everything else. Get a simple color, and they can go with everything. Wear them in all seasons. Always look professional. Tieks have stepped in to fill all of my needs. Flats don't have to be uncomfortable anymore!

I will be the first to admit- I was skeptical because I saw a lot of promoted ads in my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. These reviews weren't coming from personal sources and were obviously paid endorsements. Also- Tieks are definitely out of the normal spending range for me for a pair of shoes... work shoes at that (average about $175/pair). So I asked for my first pair for Christmas. As a gift, it seemed like there was less pressure... if I didn't like them, I'd return them.

I asked for a grey color so they would match everything; however, I believe now that I'd make whatever color I had go with any outfit I had because I love them that much. I went with the "Feather Grey" as they are simple, timeless, and classic. The first couple of times I wore them in, I had a little redness on the back of my heels which was gone maybe after one week of wear (didn't even get any real blisters or anything). Almost a year later, the durable leather is still firmly holding up. The cushioned bottoms provide by far more support than ANY other flat I've ever worn. Maybe this is TMI... but I love that they also don't SMELL like other flats I've had before either (cheap or expensive- all seem to smell after time).

These shoes came delivered in the most intentional packaging! The shoes themselves are flexible, so they were folded and wrapped up in the cutest package. I love that there was a personalized, hand written note included with my special gift. I'm all about the "experience" a company can provide to me as a customer.

If you need a new pair of ballet flats, I do believe Tieks are worth the investment.

Does anyone else rock the Tieks during their work days?

College Bingo

In our state, College Application Day is an initiative to promote the college-going culture and encourage students to complete college applications with the help of school counselors and admissions representatives. Though the day is centered around our seniors, our teachers buy in as they wear their alma mater's colors or a t-shirt from their school!

I used this activity on College Application Day as a way to involve the rest of the student body! Students could pick up a College Bingo sheet from a folder outside of our school counseling office. They spent their day collecting signatures/initials from teachers to obtain BINGO! in two directions. Once they did this, they returned their sheet to the school counseling office. It was one simple thing to add to our programming for the day. I even had an administrator participate and rave about how it helped her get to know teachers she wouldn't normally interact with!

I let students who returned the sheet correctly pick out of my college swag box-- you know that box of stuff you have with free stuff from colleges that you never know what to do with it all (pens, koozies, stress balls, drawstring backpacks, water bottles...).

You could play with middle schoolers, high schoolers, or even as an ice breaker with faculty.

Check out my product listing on Teachers Pay Teachers HERE!

If you're planning an entire College Application Day this year, be sure to check out my previous blog post and TPT listing for the College Application Pennant to make a great bulletin board!

College Application Day Pennants

I made these "college pennants" for our College Application Day! This is a school wide celebration to promote a college-going culture. 

Our seniors can sign up for 45 minute time slots throughout the day to come fill out applications, have fees waived to colleges, and get help from school counselors and college representatives. 

When they finished, they took an exit survey and filled in/colored a pennant. We hung these on a bulletin board. It will be fun to celebrate with them when they get IN to schools, but it's also exciting to celebrate on the front end as they APPLY to schools. For some students and their parents, they never thought they'd see this day!

All in all, I use this downloadable PDF: 
- College Application Day at your school
- a bulletin board to celebrate college applications
- an exit ticket for your College Application Day
- data collection for who applied where

Schedule Change Flowchart

As the beginning of the year approaches, we all know what takes up so much of our time as high school counselors... SCHEDULE CHANGES.

How many different ways can you say it?
Don't you wish you could filter some of these schedule change requests before they get to you?
Just point to a sign and say READ THIS FIRST?!

Now you can.

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