DIY: Extreme Office Makeover

I knew if I didn't redecorate my office over the summer, it wouldn't get done once the school year started. I gathered things throughout the summer that I wanted to put in my office. Here's the grand tour...

everything on these shelves comes from:
Michael's Crafts, Target, World Market, and Anthropologie, and inheritance through co workers or friends

the canvas is handpainted by a friend of my favorite place in the world, Camp Greystone.
I hung chicken wire (bought a huge roll at Home Depot)
and used tiny clothes pins to hang things (bought at a local 5 and dime).
I got the Clemson pennant for free at a Clemson event- GO TIGERS!
The painting on the right was made by a camper years and years back who is now in college.
I have more chicken wire here hanging a daily bell schedule,
important test dates and virtual school dates, and things I reference a lot.
I call this my TRENDY CORNER.
I bought the cactus (with cool gold pebbles!) from the neatest local Greenville store, Urban Digs.
The lamp and lampshade were mix and match from World Market.
I made the pen holder inspired by a more expensive Anthropologie version.
This is a jar with mustard yellow yarn (Michael's Crafts) and thicker rope (from Wilson's 5 and Dime- they don't have a website) cut and glued with craft super glue.
The cooly printed tissue box and big desk calendar are both from Target.
I got this printed chair at Target last fall.
I painted the edges of that bulletin board with a teal paint from Home Depot I got a few years ago- I use the tiny pot of it for everything!
The mermaid print was made by a student in art class.
The iPhone counselor craft was made on top of a bulletin board. To see a closer up, visit my Pin of it here.
The clock is from Target and matches all of my other teal things. Love that color if you haven't noticed.
I bought the frames SUPER CHEAP from Big Lots.
I didn't have any matting and didn't want to pay for any, so I found some gift bag stuffing in my craft box and used that.
I did the handlettering myself, and I'll show some zoomed in pics.
Hope you enjoyed the 360 tour of my updated office. I haven't seen many of these on pinterest, so it really inspired me to get creative and make it my own!


  1. Very fun and festive office. I need some inspiration to get my office decorated so it was great to see what you've done with yours. Many posts about counseling offices are geared towards elementary counselors.

    1. Definitely! Don't have the space that some elementary counselors have in their offices! I might need to do another post update as we got our offices repainted and re-carpeted this summer, and I did a little face lift!


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