How to Inspire Career Culture In Your School: A Quick Career Activity

Friday, February 13, 2015
A simple movement through the school to start conversations about careers, colleges, and majors.
We gave these out to all teachers and asked them to fill them out and put them in the classroom for students to see.
Something small to reach every student.
Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers listing for an updated version of this worksheet for elementary, middle, and high school counselors to use in your schools! 
A Quick Career Activity: Then and Now

How to Celebrate National School Counseling Week-- Day 4

Thursday, February 5, 2015
Day four of National School Counseling Week 2015's photo challenge is "Appreciation" themed.
Although I didn't snap a pic, our principal (@Principal_WHHS) took orders and went out to pick up McAllister's Deli for us as a lunch treat yesterday! He took time out of his day to sit down and eat with us. His presence, support, and acknowledgement of our day-to-day is so appreciated! We feel known and listened to because of his leadership and dedication to students and our school counseling program. A note from an assistant principal who just gets us as school counselors was also enough to make my day today, too!

Here is an article posted by our district for in honor of the week:
"National School Counselors Week"

Did you see Michele Obama (@FLOTUS) present the National School Counselor of the Year Award last week? Appreciation can come in the form of recognition for a job well done.
Check it out below!

Lastly, can we just talk about actress Connie Britton as a supporter of school counselors? If you haven't been introduced to school counselor Tami Taylor in the show Friday Night Lights, you're really missing out. This lady practices appreciation simply from playing a television character she empathized with. Britton is now an advocate for school counselors, and I appreciate that so much!

How to Celebrate National School Counseling Week-- Day 3

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
It's day three of National School Counseling Week,
and our department is here to share with you the reasons why we love our careers! We love using the ASCA templates to share our profession with the world!

From our District Superintendent:
Each and every day school counselors make a positive difference in students’ lives, but your role changes constantly based on the student or situation with which you are dealing. Some students need a cheerleader to encourage them to achieve their goals, while others have plenty of confidence and support, but are in need of a roadmap to success. Still others require assistance in managing an unstable or dysfunctional home life or reconciling friendships that have fallen apart. Your duties run the gamut from task-driven to people-centered. It takes a special person with a broad skill set to be a successful school counselor. Your work is chaotic, challenging, and sometimes resembles that of a first responder. I appreciate all you do for our students. Thank you for giving them your best each and every day.

How to Celebrate National School Counseling Week -- Day 2

For day two of National School Counseling Week 2015,
check out our decor around school. I threw together this bulletin board to put out in a main hallway this week. Easy and interactive! Students, parents, teachers, and administrators can now put some words to some examples of things we do each day as school counselors!

How to Celebrate National School Counseling Week-- Day 1

Monday, February 2, 2015
We're kicking off National School Counseling Week by jumping into the NSCW photo challenge for the year. This is an easy way to get your department excited to celebrate school counseling!