What No One Tells You About the Big, Bad Data Monster

Thursday, May 26, 2016
We are feverishly validating our skills and services as school counselors with data, data, data.

As I've moved past the initial that's super scary and I want nothing to do with this monster and made the whole thing more simple,  I've definitely embraced the ambiguity and uncertainty of not knowing WHAT I will even use said data for; I've decided NO DATA IS BAD DATA.

As a millenial, I'm more technology driven than my baby boomer teammates (read a great article from ASCA Magazine on that here). I'm all about efficiency and effectiveness. I want to reach people where they are and know what they're thinking.

We surveyed parents, students, administrators, and teachers using 8 questions: 6 were 4 point likert scale ratings, and two were open ended questions. These were far and above my favorite part to read. We closed our eyes, opened our hands up wide, and invited positive feedback and constructive criticism. How will you get better if you don't ask for feedback? We left the Google Form survey open for 2 weeks and PR'ed the heck out of it on Twitter, Facebook, phone blast, website, cafeteria bulletin, Remind, and Naviance. We had 434 responses! (I'm going to lend that outrageous amount of responses to the fact that we offered a $10 gift card raffle opportunity for anyone who responded and left their name.)


TGIF (A Monday Edition)

Monday, May 23, 2016
There are days that come out of nowhere to remind you that it’s worth it. Yesterday didn’t feel like one of those days, but I’m confident today is.

I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel although they are celebrating. Because, unlike the seniors, I am still kickin' it at school through the summer. There’s no end in sight, and today’s dreary weather just adds to the grind that is the end-of-the year blues. Blues because Monday through Friday feels like a hamster wheel, and I’m ready for a change of pace.

Cue: Friday.