2 Habits of High School Workers

Monday, September 19, 2016
Outside of work, I'm fighting not to be lumped into that millennial crowd; you know... the ones who don't work hard and live expectantly for the world to serve us. Inside the workplace, I'm in a weird in-between-generations age gap. I don't catch the millennial stigma here. Sometimes parents ask if I'm "old enough to be doing this job" (yes, thank you), and students see me as a safe zone who is closer to their age (built in relational credibility, thank you).

I "parent" 421 teenagers on the reg. This TED Talk is for parents, students, teachers, educators, or basically anyone who cares about raising up the next generation. A former Dean of Freshmen students at Stanford University speaks on raising teenagers, parenting from the nearest helicopter, and taking self-efficacy to the next level from the underrated character trait that it is.