2 Habits of High School Workers

Monday, September 19, 2016
Outside of work, I'm fighting not to be lumped into that millennial crowd; you know... the ones who don't work hard and live expectantly for the world to serve us. Inside the workplace, I'm in a weird in-between-generations age gap. I don't catch the millennial stigma here. Sometimes parents ask if I'm "old enough to be doing this job" (yes, thank you), and students see me as a safe zone who is closer to their age (built in relational credibility, thank you).

I "parent" 421 teenagers on the reg. This TED Talk is for parents, students, teachers, educators, or basically anyone who cares about raising up the next generation. A former Dean of Freshmen students at Stanford University speaks on raising teenagers, parenting from the nearest helicopter, and taking self-efficacy to the next level from the underrated character trait that it is.

Some of my biggest takeaways: 

Developing self-efficacy now will lead to success later.

Self-efficacy: one's own actions lead to outcomes... not one's parent's actions on one's behalf. If our children are to develop self-efficacy, then they need to do a whole lot more...for themselves. 

Work is hard, but work also develops character.
Professional success in life comes from having done chores as a kid... There is some unpleasant work, someone's gotta do it, it might as well be me. ...lacking the impulse, the instinct to roll up their sleeves and pitch in and look around and wonder... how can I be useful to my colleagues?

For more resources on "work," check out my church's latest series on it by clicking HERE specifically #5 on "Raising Workers."  

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  1. I get exactly what you mean by being questioned if you can do this job, while being so young!

    I'm 24, soon to be 25 myself, and one or two parents have subtly nodged that my age would be a problem. Like I haven't worked long enough to talk about the future to kids. But as you, I can only see good things in this. It wasn't so long ago I was in their shoes, and felt all the feelings they are feeling! It's all about building good relationships with the students and if I'm a bit closer to their age, I just thinks it's easier to relate to one another.