4 Tactics for Collecting Classroom Data

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
I really dove into the importance of collecting meaningful data in new, creative ways as our department endeavored applying for RAMP this past year. This semester, I've been in my Class of 2018's English classes 3 times (a feat! actually bit off more than I can chew with 14 classes each of those 3 times).

Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers professional development presentation on using "Technology for Classroom Lessons."

Using technology to collect data in the classroom is a FUN way to engage students and stay ASCA standards driven. Let's talk about the couple of very practical tools I used in this long post ahead:


How To Look 2 Months Ahead with a Master Calendar: Part 2

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Two years ago, we created a white board master calendar, so we could see two months out what our days as a department would look like. (See the old blog post on it here.)

Flash forward: the washi tape was getting gross, our walls got repainted, and I needed to show you the new and improved look we've got going on! Click below to see more... the pictures!


How to Advocate for Your School Counseling Department Using a Data Wall

Wednesday, November 2, 2016
The first bulletin board I made in our lobby went viral on Pinterest 5 years ago and was really the reason I created a blog-- somewhere to link back to the pictures I was uploading. The images were fading and peeling off the wall, and we figured it was time for another bulletin board face lift. 

Some of our feedback from our end-of-the-year Advisory Council meeting came in the form of "I didn't know all of the great things you were doing!" especially from parents and teachers.