A Practical Guide for Helping Students with Job Interviews

I love these Job Interview Fan & Pick Cards because they are another activity for students to do alongside my Career Building Blocks Game. If you're looking to do career rotation activities in your classroom (freshman success, special education/transition, or just a focus on careers), add this one to the mix. This includes the actual printable, a lesson plan, and a pre/post assessment. Grab them now in my TPT store! and keep reading!

How to Host a Career Fair Without Losing Your Mind

This year, one of our program goals was: Fifty percent of ninth through eleventh grade students will visit a career fair display of their number one identified career cluster. Setting this as one of our three measurable program goals at the start of the school year really held us to finishing it out in the spring. First, we put it in writing in our Annual Agreements in September. Then, we posted it where we would see it during our weekly department meetings.

Warning: A career fair is NOT for the faint of heart. There are a lot of moving pieces and a lot of details, but it's worth it! The title of this blog may be a little misleading... because there may have been a few times I thought I lost my mind... but read on for a lengthy post.
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