A Practical Guide for Helping Students with Job Interviews

I love these Job Interview Fan & Pick Cards because they are another activity for students to do alongside my Career Building Blocks Game. If you're looking to do career rotation activities in your classroom (freshman success, special education/transition, or just a focus on careers), add this one to the mix. This includes the actual printable, a lesson plan, and a pre/post assessment. Grab them now in my TPT store! and keep reading!

Students can partner up: one being the employer, one being the employee... then switch! I made 6 copies for myself, so I have them on hand ready to go. I can use these with a student in my office during individual counseling: we can practice for their job interview, or I can be the "potential employee" and model what it looks like to answer these type of questions. I could also use them in a career driven small group. Really, the opportunities are endless- I just like having them on my shelf to grab and go! 

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