What I Grab When Working With Grieving Students

Monday, July 16, 2018
Unfortunately, I have had to deal with grief at the high school level too many times to count. I have run numerous small groups for grief, and I am so encouraged to watch students grow and process their emotions.

Our team has set up a protocol for what to do when a student dies, but each situation is a little different. When this happens, we are usually alerted the night before. I usually can't sleep as I lay in bed wondering what the next day is going to entail.

How To Have Meaningful College Search Conversations with High School Students

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
As I finished up the school year with my seniors, I sent off 57% of my seniors to 4 year college and 29% to 2 year college... you could do the math, or I could just tell you that that means 86% of my 400+ seniors are headed to college.

This means A LOT of conversations were had surrounding college. What am I looking for in a college? What is even important to me in this process? What am I interested in studying? You could imagine the differences in opinion and the general awkward disagreements that I watched between students and parents as we sat in meetings together.