How to Make the "I Applied! Bulletin Board"

Monday, November 5, 2018

I am always trying to think ahead at what will go on our school counseling bulletin board right outside of our office. My strategy is, honestly, how can I use what I'm already doing to show off something our students would be interested in?

I recently wrote about All the Steps for Hosting a Successful College Application Day.

At my event this year, I had students write down where they applied on a little football. (I did black and white footballs because I don't feel as bad printing hundreds of those off.)

When I hang these on a bulletin board, I do it because:
  • we see how many students applied to schools
  • we see what schools they applied to
    • we learn about new colleges, universities, and cities
    • we see if there are trends
    • we notice 2 year and 4 year schools
  • we create a college going culture and awareness that seniors are applying to college
  • we create a space for students to identify with other students
  • we make goals like 2 or 4 year college attainable to underclassmen
  • we let students be proud that they applied-- sometimes the hardest part is getting started!

Download the pre-packaged bulletin board here! 

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