About Me

My current roles include wife, mom, and high school counselor on an extended maternity leave. I truly believe in the work that I'm doing down deep to my core. 

School counselors head my way when they need quality, ready-made resources or someone who can simply affirm with a quick  "I JUST GET YOU." Parents pop into my inbox saying, "I have a couple of questions about college stuff... do you have a minute to answer them?"

My experience as a high school counselor (for almost a decade) came right after a masters degree in school counseling which was a last minute decision at the end of my undergrad career. I changed my major 5 times in college, stumbled into school counseling, and 

My school counseling team looked to me for enthusiastic and optimistic solutions, innovative student and parent programs, and authentic relationship development. I move quickly, because my brain is firing at 100 mph. Go ahead and expect that I'm usually processing what I'm thinking out loud. I always having fun while I'm working, and I like to rally others to do the same!

Whether I'm hosting a College Application Day using my College Admissions Specialist Certification or pivoting to create an interactive, digital parent workshop... I'm constantly trying to figure out best practices for serving students and their families. There's nothing better to me than handing a graduating senior their diploma and pausing as my brain flips through the milestones, the hardships, and the celebrations that the student has transitioned through during their high school career. The relationships are the BEST part of this career.

Now, I hustle to create resources for school counselors during my own daughters' naptime or in the evenings as I burn that midnight oil. I'm hitting my stride and really loving this perfect mix of connecting with school counselors, using my abundance of creative work energy, and cheering others on towards their own big wins.

If you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down, check out the resources I'm making for school counselors or the content I'm putting out for high school parents.

I know we're most likely just virtual friends, but I imagine if we'd ever meet in person, we could/should/would be real life friends, too!


1. Thanksgiving food is overrated. 
Sorry, but don't @ me on this one.

2. I volunteer with an organization called YoungLives (a smaller niche of YoungLife).
Teen moms have quickly found their way into my heart!

3. I'm an enneagram 7 wing 8 to the core.
I'm always up for an adventure, and I tell it like it is.

4. My husband is almost the opposite of me in all aspects of life.
And I love him all the more for his structured, type A-ness.

5. I'm a night owl, and I go to bed dreaming about waking up to my hot coffee.
It's the best morning smell; there's no scent I love more.